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One of your cylinders is damaged?

Cylinders or rollers with surface damages such as points of impact, scratches, scoring, corrosion or other impressions are repaired by means of pad electroplating or welding and other technologies to restore their shape and dimensional accuracy.

You are looking for a fast – precise – reliable yet low-cost repair?

The cylinder is repaired directly in the printing press on site without dismantling the cylinder or rollers. This keeps the downtimes and loss of production to a minimum.

We specialise in cylinder repairs!

Our cylinder repair service is also available on Sundays and bank holidays around the clock, at home and abroad.

Fields of use:

Central cylinders in flexo presses – printing cylinders for offset, sheet-fed and rotary presses – calender rollers – extrusion rollers– hydraulic cylinders – piston rods – presses – paper manufacture as well as the repair of other surfaces on damaged precision cylinders or rollers.